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Solar companies in Nigeria makes live easy in 2021.

2021-01-05 22:27:22 admin 110


Welcome to 2021, where you can get the most affordable solar power system at the comfort of your home. 2020 according to some people was a challenging year for Nigeria and the world at large, it came with a covid-19 pandemic, endsars protest in Nigeria leading to a recession in the country. This delved a big blow to the economy. But notwithstanding solar companies in Nigeria are still hell-bent on delivering the best and affordable solar power system to the Nigerian populace. Solar power is a totally renewable source of power that is competing presently with other sources of power especially fossil fuel source of power generation that is No- renewable and has an obvious effect on our health and environment. The solar energy industries association in the US forecast-ed that there will be 42% more solar power installed in the United States between 2021 and 2025 than the solar market installed during the last five years. Then it is no gainsaying that the solar power industry is on fire. In 2020Nigeria’s Federal Government spent ₦9bn on buying, fueling, and maintaining generators across its various agencies only. Embracing solar in 2020 by the Government would have reduced the cost and made life easier for Nigerians.


Why go solar in 2021

A solar panel that generates the power you need can serve you for at least 25 years. Calculating the cost of the national grid power supply for a year only will get you a solar power system that will serve you more than 25 years. A study carried out by EnergySage confirm the duration of solar panel.


 Current estimates indicate that over 90% of businesses and 30% of homes have diesel-powered generators, meaning that there are currently about 15 million generators in use in Nigeria. In the most populous nation, diesel emissions from domestic generators surpass those from workplaces, trucks, and buses, and pose greater risks to human health and the environment due to proximity to homes and prolonged duration of use.  Human health is a very valuable one, so we must stop the pollution of the environment with the generator even if it's only to live longer and conveniently.


You can save a lot of money, January is a combination of two month. People tend to complain about the duration of the month. Well, a solar power system can save you money and make you enjoy the month even with its assumed duration. That is on a lighter note. Getting a solar reduces or in some cases eliminate the exorbitant amount that is required to get power from the national grid (NEPA).


The cheapest solar power system in Nigeria

Beebeejump int’l limited solar power system is the cheapest solar system in Nigeria. She offers a cheap product coupled with a quality product and service. The solar system comes in a complete kit of a solar panel, a lithium iron battery, a power inverter, an adapter to charge with electricity. It also comes with two bulbs and a standing fan. Getting a solar system from beebeejump within this month of January 2021 you stand a chance to enjoy a forty thousand deduction in the price of our solar product and get a solar system for as low as 168,000. This is what we mean by providing affordable and quality solar systems in Nigeria. Get one today