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How solar can ease the challenge of Fuel hike

2020-11-25 16:31:24 admin 106

The increase in the pump price of Petrol Motor Spirit (PMS) has raised concerns for Nigerian. The announcement was made on November 11 by the Petroleum Product Marketing company (PPMC), Marketing manager. Following the deregulation of oil, prices has changed from 147.7 to 155.17 for marketers that are willing to buy directly from the company. The marketers will have to sell the product at 173 Naira per litre. Which will cripple businesses and increase expense for citizen of the country. In Nigeria power is a major problem and what most people use to get alternative power supply is petrol used by generating set. This makes living a little bit easier despite the harsh condition. With the increase now, power generation for homes and businesses becomes a challenge but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

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‘’In line with the above, we propose PPMC November 2020 actual prices for PMS with effect from 13th November 2020, as follows: PPMC Ex-Coastal Price for PMS N130 per litre; PPMC Ex-Depot Price (With collection) N155.17 per litre.”

The time to switch to solar power can never be more right than now. Solar energy can provide a twenty four hour electricity for businesses and homes at a cheaper rate with no running cost. The benefit of solar is enormous and you can enjoy it now. Beebeejump solar offers a #40000 deduction in her solar system just to make sure people enjoy the full benefit of solar especially in this fuel hike period. Household and small businesses can enjoy the benefit of photovoltaic technology.

 The major challenge of this fuel hike is increase in the running cost of homes and businesses. This drastically decrease the the profit of businesses and and make living in homes uncomfortable. Since generators are the only stable source of power before the advent of solar power in Nigeria. With solar power the effect of the fuel hike in homes an businesses will not be felt by those who choose solar power alternative to generate power. 

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