Home Power Solution

H1 Module

Total home electricity takes over. Solar power product. 2.5kw solar system in Nigeria.

  • Model: H1 module

Power your house, power your life.

- Total home electricity take over

- Clean and neat, does not alter the wiring

- Has smart switch, the amazing device which can controls appliance and grades the electrical devices according their power consumption and importance.

- Affordable 

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H1 Module 

Support Equipment 

        10 LED bulbs

        1 TV+Decoder (DVD)

        1 Fridge (Freezer) or washing machine 

        1 Water pump


        1 Home theater

Solar Panel

        6× 275W (1.65KW)


        2.8KWH Lithium Battery

        -Hybrid Inverter

        AC Output:5KV

        AC Input:2.77KW

        MPPT Charging :80A


Kit List

        6*275W Solar panels

        2.5KWH Lithium battery 

        Inverter (5KW)+ MPPT (80A)

        Cable connector (for solar inverter)

        Power distribution box

        Solar Panel mounting accessories



Panel: 25 years

Battery: 5 years 

Inverter: 2 years 

Electronics: 2 year