Online Message

  • 2022/11/12 Olokun babatunde Gabriel

    I want to apply as agent in ibadan and saki

  • 2022/11/11 Asekomhe Festus

    I can I be one of technicians in Cross River State

  • 2022/11/10 KingSam

    I need details about H1, like how many battery and how many panels?

  • 2022/11/10 UME GIDEON

    please i subscribed and did not know how to get the code for activation

  • 2022/11/07 Babalola Babatunde

    I want to know the price of your H1 module solar/inverter system and also the payment plans and freebies that comes with it like the S1 that comes with fan and bulbs

  • 2022/11/05 PRINCE IKOH ADJAH

    Please how much is the H1 module solar

  • 2022/11/02 Olabisi

    Need one at Ekiti

  • 2022/10/31 Abobade Emmanuel

    I have issue with my solar battery it keeps jumping from 23 to 100% please wat do i do