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How to properly maintain your solar power inverter in Nigeria

2021-02-17 22:54:44 admin 227

Solar systems are now questioning the status quo of power generating sources in Nigeria. With an estimated 60 million users of generators in Nigeria, the market is enormous for solar power sources in the generation of power. According to the CEO of the wavelength power system in Lagos, Nigeria. “If competitiveness is based on pricing, the solar rooftop is highly competitive at 15.5 Naira/kWh as opposed to Diesel generator which is 98 Naira/KWh and Petrol generator at 118 Naira/KWh”. It is indeed cheaper to go for a solar system. After getting the solar system a proper care and maintenance of the solar power inverter is very important if you must enjoy the dividend of a solar system.

A very vital part of a solar power system is the solar power inverter. It is the component that converts the direct current (DC) output of a photovoltaic (PV) solar panel into alternating current (AC). It’s this alternating current which powers your home or business appliances.

Each component of a solar power system has its own primary function. Solar panels are specifically for absorbing energy derived from sunlight. It is the inverter that converts this energy to electricity and powers your home/ business. Electric power not consumed by your appliances it is stored in a solar battery.

The above lays emphasis on the importance of the inverter – without it, your home or business will not be powered. It also gives analytical information to assist in identifying operations and maintenance to fix issues of the system. An inverter works with the direct current absorbed by panels, the conversion process is done with the help of Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors. Most of the solar companies in Nigeria distributes hybrid inverters that comes with their own MPPT for their high capacity products Beebeejump provides a 5kva inverter that is screwed to the wall during installation. A lower capacity solar product like the Beebeejump S1 product makes use of a battery-based inverter where it only functions when connected to the battery. The maintenance of the inverter are the same and are as follows;


Ensure that your inverter is not in contact with water or dust. Check periodically to ensure it does not overheat. Overheating of the inverter is simply because it is outputting power more than it can do at once. E.g a 150W inverter will be able to output 145w of AC power at a time, if the appliance it is supplying is more than 150W it overheats and eventually burn, impeding the proper function of solar systems.


Avoid unnecessary touching of circuits as this component conveys electricity. You can be electrocuted and damage the inverter


Your inverter must be installed in a well-shaded and ventilated area.


Installation must be done by professionals or engineers. Most solar companies employ the usage of professionals to handle installation. Beebeejump exclusively make use of solar installers that have been certified and trained by the company

Solar power is the new energy we must all ensure we properly maintain our solar product properly so as to enjoy the three in one benefit of solar (Affordable, clean, and noiseless). If you have any complaint with your Beebeejump solar product call the customer service on 08004000000.