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Solar companies in Lagos

2021-02-19 00:30:55 admin 129

Nigeria's most populated state, Lagos state houses many solar companies in Nigeria. With a population of over 20 million in 2020, the demand for solar products for households in the state is growing like wildfire. Little wonder why solar companies dot the surface of Lagos state. As a solar company is either you have your full business in the state or you have a headquarter there. The population, as well as the rural-urban movement, has also helped in the aspect of demand for solar products in the state. A minimum of 270 solar companies exist in Lagos state alone, little wonder most solar streets in Lagos are always shining at night without disruption. In fact, a solar company in Lagos gave a Lagos-owned primary health care a high-tech solar power system to help fight the resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic through the availability of 24-hour electricity supply to Nigerians especially those in underserved and vulnerable communities in Lagos state.

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Beebeejump int'l limited in Lagos

Beebeejump is a solar company with its headquarters in Lagos, with a presence in the 36 states o Nigeria. It is an indigenous solar company with a vision of lighting up Nigeria. With a carefully crafted and manufactured array of solar products that solve the electricity problems in all sectors including household, Agriculture, corporate business, local markets e..t.c. It uses the latest technology in the solar industry to produce an apt solar system that solves the problem of unstable electricity supply in the country. The P1 solar system was designed to cater to the local market and very remote habitat with a lot of affordability in mind. It provides entertainment through the radio that comes with, the four LED bulbs and the charging port that help charge up to four phones makes unserved places habitable, without losing what the rest of the world enjoys from the power supply. The S1 solar system is an intermediate product that is designed for a modern household, according to research residential consumption of power supersedes all forms of consumption in terms of power consumed. Therefore it is a well-researched and designed product for the said purpose. Households can now power basic home appliances with a sure 24hrs power supply all from the sun at no cost. In an attend to achieve her vision as at when planned she organized a promotion for the product, making the product very affordable for household owners. A whopping forty thousand Naira was deducted from the actual price of the system. This benefited people staying in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole. With a good study of demand in the market, the company realized there is still a gap to fill in the business world. So many corporate businesses need 24hrs supply of power to give optimum satisfaction to their employee and customers. There H series product was developed by Beebeejump solar. A higher capacity, H series product will power AC appliances like Ac, photocopiers, LAptops and Desktop system in Organizations. The product is in Levels from  H1, H2, H3, H4 H5. The capacities are 2.5KW, 5Kw,10Kw,15Kw, and 20Kw respectively from H1- H5. It is an upgradable system, that is the 2.5 solar system can be switched 20kw capacity system that will power almost any typical home and business appliances.

Impact of Beebeejump in Lagos

For about four years now Beebeejump int'l limited has been in the solar industry in Nigeria. With visible impact in the solar industry and environment in Lagos state, Beebeejump leads in solar companies in Lagos. In 2020