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Consider these factors before switching to solar power in Nigeria.

2021-04-09 22:48:13 Timothy 321

As the popularity of solar power grows and spread like wild fire in Nigeria, there are still some factors to consider before switching from grid power source to solar power in Nigeria. As you will agree with me that solar power is not a size fit all technology.  So this write-up will not focus on reasons you should go solar, but on the factors, you must consider before finally going solar or installing those panels on your roof or elsewhere. Now let’s set the ball rolling.  Before going forward, Beebeejump solar engineers can install solar systems for you with proper consideration of the factors we would discuss below.


Where to install the solar panels

Installing a solar panel is not just what you are thinking now. I know you are thinking is it not just mount it on my roof?. Well, you need to provide an answer to these question;

Are you the owner of the building? Will you need permission from the landlord before installing the panels? Is your roof shaded by another building or tree so that it doesn't have good exposure to sunlight? You need to answer these questions first before taking any other step. If you do not have enough space on your roof or you do not have permission to put solar panels on them, you can mount them on the ground, uplifting the panels with poles in such a way that the sun is incident on it directly. The average solar panel size is 65 inches by 39 inches, you can use this for a rough estimate to know if it will fit your roof. Check this link to see how the solar panel will look on your roof. Our solar engineers recently installed some solar panels, see the picture below.

 solar company in Nigeria |  solar product for household in Nigeria

The loads or electrical appliances you want to power with solar

Bear in mind that when you go solar, you now generate your power yourself. And the amount of power you generate will determine the load you can put on it. In other words, the power you generate will determine how many TV, pumping machines, and other appliances you will be able to power. With the advent of low consuming appliances like solar bulbs, solar fridge e.t.c. You can now power more appliances. We recommend the use of the appliances that come with our solar systems at Beebeejump intl lImited. We provide bulbs, fans, and other accessories for you to use with the system. This gives you more duration to use the solar system and prolongs the lifespan of the solar system. Using tokunbo electrical appliances is not advisable when using a solar system, because they consume more power than others. So consider your appliances and the power you are generating. A 2.5Kw solar system will only power appliances within 2.5Kw load and not more.

Your budget: How much you are willing to pay

Many people compare the solar pricing to the fuel generator set and they conclude that solar is expensive. Solar is not really expensive because you make a one-time payment and will stay years without buying any fuel. My advice is that you consult only a reputable company for both consultation and installation. In our case at Beebeejump int’l Limited, we go as far as providing at least two warranty for both the components and our installation as whole. Because of this, we carefully handpick the best solar batteries(Lithium-ion battery), solar panels (super efficient).

How much are you willing to pay for solar? I believe you have a quote at hand now. Just in case you don't, please take a look at  Beebeejump intl limited, We have made our price to be highly affordable for anyone that really wants to go solar. But how much can you still pay? This is strictly a function of your pocket. But I am sure you will get the one that fits your budget.


Availability of power from the grid (NEPA) in your area.

Going solar from a cost angle will not be a good thing for places that have access to steady 24-7 electricity. But we can all agree that that is not the case in Nigeria, not even a state is exempted from having an epileptic supply of power. In fact, some places need to stay Off-grid because the national grid I.e NEPA is not even present there. In Nigeria, I would say go solar with a reputable solar power country. Beebeejump has a presence in all the 36 states of Nigeria and you can walk into any of our Offices and get a solar power system. You can call now to +234 908 759 5484