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Beebeejump solar helps Poultry Owner earn more profit

2021-05-26 23:55:30 Timothy 261

''My name is Mr Andrew, I run a livestock farm(Poultry) in Port Harcourt, where I keep domestics birds for their eggs and meat, I also keep pigs too. One major thing poultry birds need is heat(to keep them warm) and light(help them to navigate their way at night, while in their cages). Also, constant light is needed to power my Incubator - to hatch eggs. With most Clients on my neck to deliver, it requires that I work more than the regular hours to meet up with delivery time.

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Along the line of delivery, there is the issue of regular light, to hatch eggs using the incubator and keep the birds warm, the noise and smoke from my Generator make it difficult to concentrate on the work at hand.

Neighbours have sometimes complained about the noise and the smoke, sometimes it led to squabbles between myself and my neighbours. I have become an enemy of my neighbours because of my generator’s noise and smoke, and you know this is not good for business as this can bring down my business when I don’t have a healthy relationship with my neighbours as they will not refer me to their friends or colleagues. There are instances when the Generator have failed me, and it won’t come on, hence, I decided to look for a sure alternative.

A friend introduced Beebeejump solar to me. He said they have a product that can power my TV, decoder, they will give me a free Fan and a free Inverter, and that the product also comes with 2 bulbs. On further enquiry, I found out that the battery can power up to 6 or more of their bulbs.

My world! This is exactly what I want. The next challenge was how to fund this big project(in my head it was a big project that requires a huge budget)

I was told that they’ve a well-planned payment plan. They have options for full payment, 1-year instalment, 2 years instalment plan and 3 years instalment plan.

I decided to go for the 1-year plan. I paid N80000 as an initial deposit, got it installed, and I was told that I will be paying #16,500 monthly for 12 months. WHAT? I couldn’t believe my ears.

What I like most about the product are the bright LED bulbs. They are far better than when I was using regular bulbs. I bought 4 extra bulbs, which has really helped me to meet up customer demands and make more profit, saved from outrageous NEPA bills and fuel.

My neighbours no longer complain of Generator smoke or noise, I have become the envy of my neighbours as I now get referrals from them.

BEEBEEJUMP Thank you o''….

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