Prices of Beebeejump Solar Products

2021-06-16 16:50:51 Timothy 10226

The prices of solar products in Nigeria depend on the capacity, durability, company and the value customers will get from it. Prices of solar power systems are fixed considering the prospective customer's purchasing power and the highest value the customer can get for the amount, of course, everybody has to go home happy including the solar company. Beebeejump int’l limited adopt this in fixing prices for various categories of the solar products offered to customers. 

Beebeejump offers a various product to suit different needs of customers, the products are as follows;

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S1 solar product

This is a solar home system solution that can power DC/AC basic home appliances like the TV, Decoder, Fans, and bulbs. With a 160W solar panel, a 338W Lithium ion battery, and a 150W inverter you are sure that all your basic home appliances will function for 24 hrs if you like. The product is designed to be easy to use. It is also mobile you can take the battery anywhere you want and you are sure of eight hours of power with maximum capacity use.

The product is sold at #250, 000for full payment, but buyers can enjoy a #20000 discount from now till 31st of July, 2021.

With a customer-centric approach, the company developed a Pay-as-you-Go model that allows customers to pay in a more flexible way:

- 1-year plan - #80000 initial deposit, and a monthly repayment of #16500 for 1 year.

- 2 years plan - #50000 initial deposit, and a monthly repayment of #11,300.

- 3 years plan- #35000 initial deposit, and a monthly repayment of #9,300. 

 With an S1 solar system, you stand a chance of having 24 hrs electricity supply in your home. It also comes with 3 years battery warranty and a battery lifespan of 8 to 10 years.

P1 solar product

This is a reliable on-the-go solar product that is designed to be used on the go. It is mainly for basic home/business lighting. Market women or Poultry owners can use the P1 to power their outlets or farms. It comes with a radio, battery, a panel, 4 1.5 watt bulbs, and ports that can be used to charge five phones at a time. It is ideal for rural areas where basic lightening and entertainment are required. What are the features of the P1?

- Battery Capacity 40Wh Lithium iron phosphate, fully charges in 3 hours using the solar Panel, and 2.5 hours using the Auxillary Adapter

- 15 watts solar panel

- 4*1.5W LED lights.

High-quality radio and Torchlight charges full in 4 hours and can be used for at least 6 hours after charging fully.

Charges 5 different mobile phones through a USB interface simultaneously using the 5 -in-1 cable charger. 

Comes with 3 years warranty after purchase.

The full one-time payment of the P1 remains #40000. 

Users, who can't pay once can enjoy any of the following installment plans:

Pay #10000 initial deposit and:

- #580, 7 days plan for 78 weeks or

 - #2250, 30 days plan for 18 months; or

- #6600, 90 days plan for 6 times repayment or

- #12900, 180 days plan, 3 times repayment

F1 solar product

This product mainly solves users' basic electricity needs such as lighting, blowing fans, and charging mobile electronic devices. The product is equipped with 6W LED bulbs and 1.5W LED bulbs. It is equipped with a 16-inch floor fan. The battery capacity of the product is 160WH. When fully charged, it can supply power for two bulbs and fans for more than 8H at the same time, and the power supply for the fan alone exceeds 14H.

The product has 2 input charging ports, equipped with 80W photovoltaic panels and power adapters, which can support photovoltaic and NEPA charging at the same time.

The product has 2 LED light output ports, supports LED bulb cascade, and supports up to 4 big lights and 2 small lights; the product has 3 ordinary DC12V output ports, and every single port supports power supply for DC devices that do not exceed 24W, such as routers, decoders, 24"/32" DC TVs, etc.

The product has 2 USB output ports, which can charge 2 mobile phones or iPad at the same time. The product has passed safety testing and certification, and the main components are provided with a 2-year warranty. It is #98000 for outright purchase.

H -series

These are higher-capacity products from H1-H5. The H1 is a 2.5kva capacity solar system that can be used in large houses. It comes with six solar panels of 273W, a battery of 2.5kva, and an inverter of 2.5kva output and it goes for #1880000.

 It is a big system that can be used to power equipment like pumping machines, Freezers. The H series product comes with 5 years battery warranty period.

H2 5KVA - #2,510,000

H3 10KVA - #5,010,000

H4 15KVA - #7,510,000

H5 20KVA - #10,060,000

For more personalized inquiries about other H series products please refer 09087595484