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Are you thinking of getting a solar product

2021-09-06 23:04:29 Timothy 1030
As more people look to transition to long-term renewable energy systems, the question of battery durability, efficiency, and resiliency has become increasingly important!
Beebeejump Solar is portable and handy, you can charge up with the use of SUNLIGHT and NEPA, our solar panels are also easy to set up! Beebeejump solar panels are durable! Our solar panels also last for decades (about 20-30 years).
Beebeejump has different solar devices with different capacities depending on the choice of the customers ranging fromP1, S1, and H series. Each device has its capacities and different prices depending on the customer's choice and what the customer wants to power. We have different target users (households and businesses). We sell for business use like Barbers, Charging of phone businesses, Office use, Warehouse, and Farmers are all our target users.
Beebeejump P1 product
This product mainly solves user’s basic home lighting and charging of 5 different phones at a time. It also comes with a radio to keep you informed and entertained. The product is equipped with 4 1.5W LED bulbs, a radio, and a water-resistant torchlight. The battery capacity of the product is 40W. When fully charged, it can supply power for 4 bulbs round the clock.
It comes with a 2 years warranty after purchase.
Beebeejump S1 product
The product is a specially designed product for homes and small businesses. It consists of a large 160 watts polycrystalline solar panel, a 338 watts Lithium-ion solar battery, a Free power inverter, an adapter, bulbs, and a free-standing fan. The battery of the system is made up of Lithium-ion-phosphate and the battery has a lifespan of 8 to 10 years. It also comes with a warranty of 3 years after purchase.
Beebeejump H series
Our H series supports homes and businesses that have high electricity demands for gadgets like Fridge (Freezer), washing machine, Water pump, Electric iron, Laptop, Microwave, etc. Our H-series comes with a 5 years warranty after purchase.
For more information on our products, check our website at www.beebeejump.ng, or call us on 09087595484