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Pocket shopping on beebeemall APP

2020-11-04 17:23:36 99

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Recently, beebeejump announced that its APP is online, and the new shopping feature makes it easier for users to purchase products recommended by the company. Users will be able to access the purchase page at www.beebeejum.ng and http://www.beebeemall.com/.

In September of this year, beebeejump began to develop and test the extended shopping function of the beebeemall APP, which is currently being promoted in Nigeria. With this feature, users can click on the product label in the app to view more product details and related shopping links.

A Google survey found that users will be able to watch the dynamics of the brand they are interested in by watching Stories. According to the company, 90 million accounts have been clicked on the shopping post to view the tag details.

Beebeejump will also launch a personalized shopping channel on its Explore tab, which will push the shopping post posted by the user’s attention brand, or the brand that the app thinks users might like. This feature will be rolled out to users in the coming weeks.

We believe that “shopping is more than just a task – it’s about what you found on your shopping trip. For many users of beebeejump, shopping through apps can solve their shopping needs without leaving home. Beebeejump also said that they will continue to explore new shopping features and experiences, making their app the best place for users to buy their favorite brands and find inspiration.