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Solar energy vs Generator in Nigeria

2020-12-08 22:31:49 admin 404

The use of generator set has been the norm in a typical Nigerian home, with recent increase in fuel price, running of the generator set is now more expensive. Nigerians now weigh the use of solar energy to the cost of running a generator set. Although the two can provide energy, the solar system provides a more sustainable energy than the generator in every aspect. Considering the sustaniability of solar energy, the Federal Government of Nigeria under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari has concluded to provide solar systems to more than five thousand homes in Nigeria.

“So, as part of the Economic Sustainability Plan (ESP), we are providing solar home systems to five million Nigerian households (impacting up to 25 million individual Nigerians) in the next 12 months,”  

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Why choose a solar system over a generator

Stable and reliable power supply: Most homes in Nigeria will be able to power their generator set for at most four hours on the average, with a solar power system installed you stand a chance of getting a 24hrs power.

Environmental impact: Between the two power source, solar energy source is the most environmental friendly. Has it does not produce fumes. And it does not produce noise as opposed to generator set that does the opposite of what a solar system will do and will not give the same result.

Mobility and placement: Solar system can be moved from one place to another, after charging our S1 solar product the energy can be stored and taken to any place for use. The solar panel for trapping sun rays can be put in a convenient place like the rooftop. Which does not disturb any other activity. The generator with no debate do the opposite.

Maintenance: A generator needs servicing in order to get the best from it, which is an additional cost.The maintenance of a solar energy system is easy and does not require any expense. Beebeejump solar power after sales service team maintains it for you for free.

Long term cost: The up front cost of a generator may seem lower compared to a solar power system. But at the long run a generator will be more expensive to maintain considering the life long fueling.  


Choose the best solar energy company in Nigeria

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