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Why solar power is best for SME's in Nigeria

2020-10-27 17:20:42 admin 134

Small and medium scale enterprise SMEs are the backbone of nations in the world given their immense contribution to the economy and livelihood of common people. According to the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics, SMEs in Nigeria contribute 48% of the national GDP, and accounts for 96% of businesses and 84% of employment.  SMEs are businesses around you, the fashion designers, Furniture ventures, Bet Naija shops, consultancy businesses and lot more around you. Although, they have contributed a lot they still face lots of challenges. Using solar power can reduce their challenges.

solar power for SME's | solar installation in Nigeria

A very significant challenge is inadequate and or expensive access to power, it is a unique missing middle. To run a successful business of any kind, power is a key component. It is used for various primary and secondary reasons depending on the type of SMEs. Some business needs it for basic comfort of human resources while some use it primarily for providing good or services to their clients. The barbing saloon business needs clippers running to deliver services to customer. Power needs to be adequate to break even in most of the SMEs, but in Nigeria it is not. And this begs the question, how do they access power. Well the answer is not far fetch, they pay the expensive bills anyways, Even as Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission suddenly increase light bill to double the usual amount per kilo watt per hour (KWH). So, businesses pay more for unstable power supply in Nigeria which hinder stability and growth in a business venture.

Solar power is becoming more popular and cheap because of its demand, the mass production has made it even less expensive and affordable. Being the most affordable renewable resources, it can be adopted by various SMEs to solve the problem of power. It does not produce any form of pollution, the non-renewable form of power such has fuel generating set or the gas source grid power generating plant produces air pollution, noise pollution, some level of water pollution coupled with the release of green house gas. So any business using solar power is applauded to be part of the solution to climate change, since all the forms of pollution that causes climate change is being reduced via the use of solar power. Which add to their brand looks and perceived value by consumers.

So, many solar systems have been designed to cater for specific power needs of businesses and also have flexible payment option that align with the growth of the business . The beebeejump solar S1 product is designed to support home/businesses to achieve comfort and carry out some functions. It can power the basic business equipment like the clippers, TV, standing fans and lightening for businesses that need them. With its affordability it has flexible payment plan of one or two years of installment. Other high capacity solar systems also exist, they have been designed to power more equipment which saves business thousands of naira compared to using the unstable expensive grid power supply in Nigeria. The beebeejump solar H series is one of the solar systems designed for higher purpose. To power more equipments like pumping machine, freezers washing machine and lots more.  Paying for these products at beebeejump solar has never been easy. You can pay by installment making it easy to pay without affecting the day-to-day running of businesses. Switching to solar today is a way to go for businesses and SMEs that needs to grow without being held back by power. Especially now that solar power is cheap, easily accessible with no cost maintenance for SMEs.