Earn more this festive season with solar solution

2020-12-12 00:12:48 admin 173

As the year gradually comes to an end, and recession hit Nigeria as a country. Everybody becomes double-minded as to financing projects and moving on with activities during the last month of the year, December. The Global pandemic raised the awareness of people. People now know that saving for rainy days, investing in Knowledge and building skills really pays. Because most people that did not really feel the impact of the covid-19 pandemic were people with knowledge and skills that could be used remotely. The solar industry experienced a positive surge in the demand for their product. According to the International Energy Agency, the solar PV demand saw stable growth despite the covid-19 in 2020. The stable growth is also being felt in Nigeria as solar power companies are now on the rise. Beebeejump solar stands out among the multitude in providing solar power solutions in Nigeria. With a good grasp of the Nigerian community, beebeejump solar power company is committed to making this year better by helping homes and businesses get more affordable energy and increase people finance this period.


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Here are three reasons why you should consider our solar solution;

Quality product and service

We use the latest battery technology in the solar industry. The lithium iron battery tech last longer than any other battery. Our product is portable and can be moved easily, it does not occupy much space and has a higher capacity than other solar products in the market.


Making a difference

To make a difference some things have to be sacrificed. We are pro-active and have brought down the price of our product to make it affordable for Nigerians. With a forty thousand Naira deduction in the price of our S1 product, we have been making a difference and we hope to make more in order to be able fulfill our vision of lightening up Nigeria.


Supporting Nigerians

Beebeejump has made this season rewarding for our prospective and existing customers.
Prospective customer

Prospective customer
You can be a Direct Sales Agent. And earn up to 5000 commission weekly. All you need to do is to get registered as a direct sales agent and begin to get incentives and commission.

Existing Customer
As an existing customer, you can get #5000 on every referral you make. All you need to do is to tell someone about the product, tell us about the sales and we give you a commission of #5000.
Note: You get #5000 cash when you have paid in full. You also get #5000 on an installment plan.  however, you get the 5000 naira in your beebeepay account, serving as a discount for the installment plan.


Switching to alternative energy and earning alongside has never been this easy. With the affordability of solar power systems and support from beebeejump int’l Limited you can have a stable power supply for your homes and businesses and still make money to enjoy December and the celebration that comes with it.