• Solar power careers

    Solar power has provided a lot of jobs to people in Nigeria. You can build your career in the solar industry.

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  • Five benefit of using solar power

    Environmental benefitOur environment has the scientist say is being depleted day by day. One of the main cause of this depletion is the use of non-sustainable source of power. More than 95 million Nig

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  • Beebeejump offers a forty thousand deduction in product price.

    Energy from the sun is the best to use because it makes you totally independent of generating your power yourself. You do not need to be an expert to own a solar system. Beebeejump solar is rolling ou

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  • Cooperate social responsibility taken up by Beebeejump solar

    Cooperate social responsibility of beebeejump solar in Cross River state.

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  • Solar power and some solar lies.

    solar power objections and conviction

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  • A solar system that charges with electricity

    A solar system that charges with electricityThere are lots of solar system provider in Nigeria. But getting a quality solar product is key to enjoying all the benefits that solar energy has to offer.

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  • How does solar panel generate electricity

    How does solar panel generate electricityKnowing how solar panel generate electricity makes you appreciate the true value of a solar system. Most consumer of solar power know that solar panel works wh

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  • Why solar power is best for SME's in Nigeria

    Small and medium scale enterprise SMEs are the backbone of nations in the world given their immense contribution to the economy and livelihood of common people. According to the Nigeria Bureau of Stat

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